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 Utpal Kant


Sex: Male       Location: India

B'day: 20 November

Status: Captivating Technological Experiences…


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I steer my life on a freeway rather than on a highway….!

I am friendly, fun loving, sensitive, sincere, Good Listener & Always Helpful, Trust Worthy, Honest,cool, caring and helpful in my nature having good sense of humor.

Well, Simply the Best.

I love music, nature and science I am often very nostalgic and believe only a person with clean soul and kind heart is near to God…Life is going on, missing old friends, making new ones, enjoying parties, and lots more…          


        New Delhi

 It's been a fabulous journey throughout the years, and I want to thank everyone for their contributing support. I have created this link to act as a central location for all of my endeavors.

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